What a Fantastic Way to Get Fit

A fit streamlined body that turns a few heads is something that everybody fantasizes about. But how to get it?! You have the perfect solution now, if you are at LA. The South Gate Boot Camp is just the thing for you. This group fitness program is ideal for quick weight loss.
When you become a member at Camp Xcel
You get the best coaches to train you.
The resources and equipments are of the top notch
The group activities go a long way in motivating you.
The workout schedules are very short and fast paced.
The work schedules are fixed so that you can attend them at your own convenience.

What makes Camp Xcel one of the top fitness boot camps

Fitness camps usually are boring and tedious. But when you join Camp Xcel group, it suddenly becomes fun. You have a lot of like-minded people with whom you can discuss your problems and dreams. You get to meet a lot of people who are already ‘there’. Meeting them always makes your own motivation skyrocket. Besides, there is this ‘Wall of fame’ which provides you with all the success stories. In short, the atmosphere in this fitness centre is altogether positive.

south gate boot camp testimonial

The coaches are experts in their field and they are extra friendly and understanding. If you are a newbie in the field of workout and fitness, you will have thousands of questions cropping up at every stage of the program. Do not worry. There are people to answer every one of your questions and doubts. They are always there to set your doubt-riddled mind to rest.
Talking to a lot of people with the same goal will help you to overcome the limitations you have felt before coming to this Camp Xcel. What you need is a positive mind and constant instructions at every stage of your journey towards fitness. Here in South Gate Boot Camp you get all the required support from your fellow trainees as well as the coaches.
This fitness center is well equipped. You need not spend on any of the equipments. It is almost like the Camp Xcel has financed your fitness equipments. You only have to be there for regular workout schedules.

live south gate boot camp sessionWith exhilarating music, the group exercise is real fun. Working in a group gives the whole program a rhythm that helps you to stick to the correct way of the exercise.

In Camp Xcel the whole fitness program is highly structured. The advantage is that you do not have to wait for your turn on the equipment. Every one’s schedule on the equipment is perfectly arranged, so that everyone gets a fair chance. These equipments are set with a wide range of weights and other facilities. Everyone from the beginner to the most advanced client will get suitable equipments for workout.

Another specialty of this fitness camp is that you get expert advice as to the suitable dietary programs. This is a great help, because your food has a great hand in maintaining your fitness. Only an experienced dietician can suggest diet that goes with the fitness programs, because the dietary needs differ from person to person.

So if you are aiming at burning out the extra fat from your body and tone down your muscles to perfect shape, this fitness boot camp in south gate is the place for you.

Camp Xcel
13450 Paramount Blvd
South Gate CA 90280 United States
(562) 250-7487